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Salient Energy has been selected to partner with the Shell GameChanger program. The company will receive funding and technical support to demonstrate the suitability of its zinc-ion battery for stationary energy storage systems. The zinc-ion battery is a safe, low-cost, and long-lasting substitute for lithium-ion batteries. Salient Energy is the only Canadian company among the 19 companies currently in the GameChanger portfolio.

Founded in 1996, Shell GameChanger works with start-ups and businesses on unproven early-stage ideas with the potential to impact the future of energy. The program supports companies with seed funding, subject matter expertise, and industry connections to test the technical and commercial viability of their concept.

Salient Energy’s zinc-ion battery has the potential to replace lithium-ion as the standard in stationary energy storage systems. In addition to its lower lifetime cost, the intrinsic safety of the water-based zinc-ion battery simplifies energy storage system design. Further, zinc-ion batteries are made with materials that are orders of magnitude more abundant than those used in lithium-ion.